HomeTemps FAQ


Access controller from internet

To access the Roth Touchline controller from the internet you will have to allow access in your router. This is indeed possible but the method depends on your router - consult the router documentation to enable access from the internet.

Note however that the controller does not implement security in any form. It is not recommended to use port 80 externally but a random port should be chosen.

Keep the app running in the backgroud

The Hometemps app will record the status of your Roth Touchline system as often as every ten minutes - ref. "Train your iPhone".

The app use the recordings to determine if heating is on or off.

With the app running in the background these recordings will be collected and kept for 24 hours. If the app is closed the recordings will be lost.

Train your iPhone

The Hometemps Roth Touchline app rely on the IOS system to wake up the app at regular intervals. To save battery power the IOS will try to determine when you need information from the app. This mean that the more you look at your app the more data it will collect.

So train your iPhone to know that the app is relevant by opening it as often as possible in the beginning.

Later when IOS has learned that the appis used regularly more samples are shown in the graph.

Problems accessing the controller from the app

If the Roth controller is not set up as master the app may experience problems getting info from the costroller.

The Roth controller should have a green light in the "Master" LED. Consult the installation guide to get instructions on how to setup the controller. 

homeTemps app icons

homeTemps uses icons to illustrate the current heating  status:

When a room is currently NOT being heated this icon is shown:

When a room is being heated this icon is shown:

The heating is being activated and deactivated by the temperature in the rooms. The app has no way to get the information from the controller and will try to calculate the status from the current temperature and historic data inside the app. When the temperature is at a level where heating can be both active and inactive and the historic data is too old the app can only guess the status. In that case it will use an icon with a question mark to indicate the guess.

When guessing one of these icons are shown:


Adjust the temperature axis on the room graph

The temperature graph is sized after the thermostat settings. The bottom is the set low value and the top is the set high value. To adjust the granularity these numbers can be changed. The thermostat has factory settings of 8 °C and 30 °C. This is the minimum and maximum for set temp. By changing them the graph will  adapt and change coordingly.